Friday, July 19, 2013

7 Takes, 2013.20 - Summer Heat Edition

Joining Jen et al on my Weekly Summary

1.  Our new house faces East-West so we get blazing hot sun in the morning and bright hot sunlight in the afternoon. Dark out shades "seem" to help (as to the abundance of tower fans).

2. Horn has been dying in his suits all week. I was horrified to see how wrinkled his jacket was until he reminded me that as soon as he walked out the door into the 75+% humidity, it would all straighten out. He wore a polo and khakis today (judge was taking Friday off).

3. Hannabert is missing living within walking distance of a splash park.  He isn't thrilled with our attempts to turn the yard into a splash park either. See these happy, dancing kids? Hannabert tips the tree over and uses the "sprinklers" to direct water onto us directly.  There is no dancing under the whipping spray nor is there "crazy wet" for Hannaber.  He is slightly more enthused with the lawn sprinker. 

Hiding from the spray
Before it was connected to a hose

Looking for the perfect location

Carefully avoiding getting wet

4. Hot weather makes us all crazy and cranky. Cooling is getting desperate...

5. I was so hot this week (and I do not know where my clothes went when we moved) that I have purchased 3 maxi dresses and 1 maxi skirt from the exclusive, but internationally famous, boutique..Wal-Mart. I never thought that I would think that dresses and skirts are more comfortable in hot weather than shorts.

I am loving them...all on clearance from $9 to $12 dollars.

6.  I am currently teach 3 mornings a week and Horn is teaching 1 night a week (on the day that I don't teach)...we have about a 30 minute drive from work/daycare to home. Quick, cheap, healthy meal ideas?

7.  Please continue to pray for my brother and sister-in-law. They had a minor set-back in their adoption journey.

Monday, July 08, 2013

Sunkissed VoxBox - Second blog installment Goody Hair Ouchless Ribbon Elastics

I was recently selected to receive a summer fun box from Influenster! I received the following items, complimentary, from Influenster for testing purposes:
  • Dr. Scholl's For Her High Heel Insoles
  • Goody Hair Ouchless Ribbon Elastics  
  • Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream            
  • SinfulColors SinfulShine   

After arriving at the new homestead after a hard day at work (disappointing finals from my students in the morning) and realizing that my hair was hot and sticking to my neck and I hate hot weather and I hate hair that sticks to my neck so I headed downstairs to the cool (literally and figuratively) basement to my Sunkissed VoxBox to retrieve a Goody Ouchless Ribbon Elastic.  

Goody Ouchless Ribbon elastics are:
  • Made of soft, stretch material (beautiful on the wrist or in the hair)
  • From America's #1 elastics brand
  • Unique knot style hair hairs that personalize or dress up anyone's look
Can I saw how much I LOVE it? Pretty much haven't taken it off since July 3rd. 

First, I love the colors - rich, vibrant but in no way loud.  Adult colors one might say.

excuse the chipped Amazonian

Second, they are nice and wide.  They are "ouchless" because there isn't any rubber to get tangled up in my long locks.

easily used to pull back my hair

After waking up after sharing a blow up mattress with my cuties

Please note that Horn was using Hannabert's sleeping bag as his blanket and Hannabert was hogging the entire bed

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Google Spam Comments

I can't decide Anonymous will watch out for the city or the food....

Sunkissed VoxBox - First blog installment SinfulColor SinfulShine

I was recently selected to receive a summer fun box from Influenster! I received the following items, complimentary, from Influenster for testing purposes:
  • Dr. Scholl's For Her High Heel Insoles
  • Goody Hair Ouchless Ribbon Elastics  
  • Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream            
  • SinfulColors SinfulShine   
The box arrived just as dear Horn and I were headed to Menard's to pick up top rails for the closet organizer my father was installing in our new house....after Horn had purchased the wrong pieces the day before and these top rails were seriously holding up progress. Although I do not understand why we just didn't get the boxed set...

Horn abandoned me in the car with the the hot, steamy heat that was this past weekend. Luckily I had thought to grab my SummerVox! 

I bypassed the BB Cream (I always think that this doesn't sound like a beauty product and more like something a kid would use in a Red Rider...), high heel insoles (wearing a pair of Keen Bree Cross Slide Sandals (similar but I am rocking them in purple), and Ouchless Ribbon (as I already had my hair in a complicated bun thing and it was unwashed) and decided that it would be a great test to apply nail polish to my nails while sitting in the passenger seat. 

The nail polish, Amazonian, was thinner than what I expected it to be but I managed to miss any drips on my pants or the car. I would suggest that you use a flat surface rather than an angled knee. I would also suggest that, if painting in the car, you ventilate said car by requiring the driver to leave the keys with you before he disappears into a home improvement center...

I liked how quickly it dried as I was able to paint on two coats in the time it took Horn to finish buying the necessary closet pieces (he insisted that the guy in front of him was buying 1000 pieces of PVC piping). 

First coat on

The color went on evenly although you definitely need more than 1 coat for the shine and color to to be brilliant. Like I said earlier, it dried extremely quickly and actually did make it though a spray down with Simple Green after I pulled what Horn thought might be poison oak

My nails are looking a bit rough right now.  Better nail painting skills and maybe a topcoat (and not using caustic chemicals, moving boxes, and pulling mint without gloves) would definitely make the polish last longer. 

Day 3
In all, you can't beat the price (and their great names) and it applies fast and dries quickly. It is a great polish for summer fun and quick changes and it is a great way to make your mother-in-law eye's pop when you show up to for probably the FIRST TIME EVER in 10 years with a full manicure to have it be a great SinfulColor.