Friday, July 19, 2013

7 Takes, 2013.20 - Summer Heat Edition

Joining Jen et al on my Weekly Summary

1.  Our new house faces East-West so we get blazing hot sun in the morning and bright hot sunlight in the afternoon. Dark out shades "seem" to help (as to the abundance of tower fans).

2. Horn has been dying in his suits all week. I was horrified to see how wrinkled his jacket was until he reminded me that as soon as he walked out the door into the 75+% humidity, it would all straighten out. He wore a polo and khakis today (judge was taking Friday off).

3. Hannabert is missing living within walking distance of a splash park.  He isn't thrilled with our attempts to turn the yard into a splash park either. See these happy, dancing kids? Hannabert tips the tree over and uses the "sprinklers" to direct water onto us directly.  There is no dancing under the whipping spray nor is there "crazy wet" for Hannaber.  He is slightly more enthused with the lawn sprinker. 

Hiding from the spray
Before it was connected to a hose

Looking for the perfect location

Carefully avoiding getting wet

4. Hot weather makes us all crazy and cranky. Cooling is getting desperate...

5. I was so hot this week (and I do not know where my clothes went when we moved) that I have purchased 3 maxi dresses and 1 maxi skirt from the exclusive, but internationally famous, boutique..Wal-Mart. I never thought that I would think that dresses and skirts are more comfortable in hot weather than shorts.

I am loving them...all on clearance from $9 to $12 dollars.

6.  I am currently teach 3 mornings a week and Horn is teaching 1 night a week (on the day that I don't teach)...we have about a 30 minute drive from work/daycare to home. Quick, cheap, healthy meal ideas?

7.  Please continue to pray for my brother and sister-in-law. They had a minor set-back in their adoption journey.

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  1. I think the longer dresses, as long as the fabric breathes, work better because they kick up a bit of a draft and help keep the sweat away. It always surprises me that they're so much more comfortable, but until it cools down in the evening I usually prefer them. Not so great for the tan tho!