Friday, August 30, 2013

7 Quick Takes 2013.25

Linking up with Jen at Conversion Diary!

1. Still recovering from the tonsillectomy. My throat fees dry all. the. time. which isn't very comfortable.
Before Removal

Post-removal, 3 weeks of healing

2.  In the rush to get out of the door this morning, one husband forgot to clean the lint catcher on the washing machine hose which resulted in a flood of water into our utility room. It made me grateful that our laundry in in the basement and not one of those new fangled, second story utility rooms.

3. I chased a naked toddler through the house before going to work. Well, not naked. He was wearing an "I'm Awesome" Micky Mouse t-shirt. He was concerned that I was removing the shirt as I was trying to hike it up to put a diaper on him.

4. Hannabert and I went grocery shopping last night. After a "discussion" (which involved me slinging him over my arm while pushing one of those mini shopping carts) about the red leather sofa (yep, our grocery store carries pleather sofa). After one of his winter boots fell off (only about 95 out), he was amendable to push the mini cart.  HIS first stop? The wine section. He loudly said, "Do we need wine?" After getting what we needed, and as I was trying to direct him to the check-out, he said, "We forgot wine!" and went over to the box/shelves and proceeded to examine the bottles like he really knew what he likes in a nice white (although, as we were making trail mix, I think that a red would have been more appropriate).

5.  The grocery store is a great place to practice colors and directions. Get the bag of BLUE marshmallows. Look BELOW the shelf for the hot chocolate. Get the BIRTHDAY CAKE FLAVORED Oreos.

6.  Horn had a troubling day at court yesterday during a sentencing. He said the the defendant really didn't have an understanding of the serious nature of his charged offense. Luckily Horn's judge had the same feeling and continued the hearing until more discovery could take place as the the mental health of the defendant.

7.  I follow the Taboo Parenting Carnivals and I have to say the last one struck a chord with me. I recently found out that a high school classmate got married. When I told my mom, rather than saying about a 100 other things, she said, "Wasn't he kind of a jerk in high school?" For the record, not really. I wasn't a friend really but I got along with him just fine.  Irrespective of the inaccurate statement, I graduated from high school SIXTEEN years ago!  I told Horn that he was now charged with making sure I don't become negative and try to focus on the positive.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Difficult Interactions - Toddler

At work, my entire department is learning a bit about lean processes/six sigma.  One of the training we are required to take is called "Difficult Interactions."

To be fair, I haven't taken the training yet but it was the talk of my cubicle walkway yesterday evening. Specifically, the following advice provided by the training (paraphrased):

                                  When having a difficult interaction or working with a frustrated co-worker or                                                 customer, repeat his or her name repeatedly (about 10x) to help diffuse the situation.                                    
As my behind me cubicle co-worker was gleefully exclaiming the wonders of these suggestions, Horn called to tell me that Hannabert was being particularly annoying (yep, used those words) because he was....repeatedly saying "dadda, dadda, dadda, dadda). As in Dadda, I want macaroni cheese. Dadda, I don't like it. Dadda I want cereal. Dadda I don't like it. Dadda...

Horn did NOT find it calming and soothing nor did it redirect his attention so I am not quite sure how using this technique in a business setting would be calming or soothing.

In fact, in a very formal poll (Facebook post), (excluding the one "oh you will miss it so much when you don't hear daddy" person who clearly didn't read the post) the consensus was, "you don't know me to call me by my first name" and "repeatedly calling me by my first name is condescending."

In fact, there are any number of suggestions that will probably work much better than repeatedly using a customer's first name.

Onto the other piece of advice:

                                   Repeatedly hit a pillow after the interaction to release stress (AKA Through a temper                                    tantrum when you are frustrated).

Personally, I would love to see this carried out in the workplace. In fact, there is an empty cube next to me that I am proposing we use as pillow central for all of our frustrating and difficult interactions we face each day. In fact, I imagine it looking like something below:

Back to the toddler, he is a toddler. He has great days where he listens and participates in projects and he has days where he doesn't listen and can't communicate effectively or efficiently with us. For example, he was a great "help" to Horn when they tried out the new tent (in our porch):

He has been great about putting his toys away after his bath.

He helps make breakfast.

He thinks that he is a cowboy.

Friday, August 23, 2013

7 Quick Takes 2013.24

Linking up with Jen at Conversion Diary.

1. For the longest time, I kept reading conversAtion Diary rather than converSION Diary when looking at Ms. Fulwilfer's website name.  I am not exactly detailed oriented at times.

2. I head back to work on Monday after spending the last two weeks remarkably under productive post-tonsillectomy.

3.  Hannabert is still going to daycare even though I have been home because I am not suppose to be talking. This morning he tried to bribe me to stay home by promising to my bed.
Not actually from this morning but you can see how dramatically emotional him going to daycare, which he loves, can be.
4. Because I was off of work on Monday, one of the days that I usually work until 10pm, I was able to go with Horn and Hannabert to watch the Cincinnati Bengals practice at one of the local high schools. At the last minute, while dropping Hannabert off at daycare, I asked if the middle daughter (senior in high school) wanted to go with us. Apparently she was THRILLED because this is how they looked when I picked them up
They had crazy glasses as well. Hannabert is wearing C's shirts, creatively made smaller by use of safety pins

It was a blast to watch the pros practice and I hope that C liked being able to come with us.

5.  So....heard back from our previous landlord ('cause we are homeowner now so we don't have to worry about future landlords) and they have decided that they are NOT returning any portion of our security deposit and in fact, we actually OWE them some addition money.  Ummm...apparently they forgot that Horn and I are both attorneys and I have nothing else to do with my license but spend time fighting them on this.

6.  Current state of my tonsils
Why yes, I do have a bit of thrush on my tongue! Yippe Skippee!  FYI - raw apple cider vinegar makes thrush fizz.
7. Horn said he would be out of work early today and with Hannabert not around, it will be a great time about a budget.  Ugh.  Wish us luck!

PS. I named our new house Hannabert's Half Mile (we live in neighborhood that is named after famous races and horses)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

First completed (Pinterest) house project - Hannabert' Bath!

As I have been home for the last two weeks after having my tonsils removed, I decided that I should complete at least one New House Project.  I decided to tackle a storage solution for Hannabert's Bathroom.

I am proud to say that I created a storage solution for less than $14.00.


I purchased plastic baskets from the dollar store because they came in 2 packs. Total Cost = $2.00
The tension rod came from KMart. I am sure that I could have found one slightly cheaper elsewhere (ie Goodwill or Salvation Army). Total Cost = $11.00
We already had zip ties ($2.50 at Big Lots for a bunch so let's say: $0.50)


1.  Stretch the rod so that it fits either the width or length of the tub/shower.

2. Prepare baskets.  In my case, this meant removing stickers and metal handles.

3. Using zip tie through the center spots on the basket, attach the basket to the rod.

4. Repeat until all baskets are attached.

5. Arrange and space the baskets.

6.  Tighten the zip ties to prevent a toddler from moving them too much during the next bath period.

7. Pick up toys, toothbrush, and shampoo bottle and place in baskets.

8. Use a toe nail clipper to trim the zip ties so they are flush to the end.

When Hannabert is done with his bath at night, he can clean-up his accoutrements prior to getting into his "ducky towel" (which is really any towel we use prior to doing "baby in the mirror" (which is just us lifting him up to look at himself in the mirror)). 

When adult guests visit or husbands take a bath, the rod can be removed to raised.

Friday, August 16, 2013

7 Takes, 2013.23 - Surgery Edition

Joining Jen at Conversion Diary

On Monday, I had a tonsillectomy. Based on my experience, here are tips for how to handle surgery with (a)  toddler(s) in the home.

Pre-surgery swelling

Post-surgery (I kind of look like a teenage boy growing a mustache in this picture).
1.  Send the toddler away.  I am fortunate to live near my in-laws. We handed Hannabert over to them on Sunday night and retrieved him from his auntie on Wednesday. He had a blast with the gunkles on Sunday to Tuesday and had an even better time wearing out the auntie over Tuesday night through Wednesday evening. It was auntie's first time watching him overnight and she told Horn, upon collection of Hannabert, she headed to Neon's to drive his visit off.  Success I say.

2. Discuss "what ifs." After having a rather traumatic experience with an epidural without having this conversation, Horn and I had a brief discussion.

3. Request a visit from a chaplain/minister/priest before surgery. The hospital where I had my surgery is 7th Day Adventist institution and the chaplain on-call was a Southern Baptist. The hospital has a school associated with it and they provide hospital chaplaincy coursework and he was working off his class tuition. We had a chance to talk to him after praying and learned that he was recently returned from a mission trip to China and that he and his wife had adopted from there.  We asked him to keep my brother and sister-in-law in his prayers as they are doing through the adoption process as well.

4. Don't schedule a job interview 3 days after surgery. Do attend Mass for the Feast of Assumption.

5. Your patience and pain will have an inverse reaction. The more pain you are in, the less patience you will have. It is hard to not be frustrated at a toddler who wants you to sing him songs and read him books when it makes you cry to swallow, especially if you haven't eaten since Sunday. Make sure you remember that the toddler isn't being annoying, he just loves you and wants to spend time with you. And love the "get well" card he made at the gunkles for you.

6. Have back-up childcare in place (or a husband who is willing to drive an additional 40 minutes to drop off the toddler the morning after your interview) so that you can rest and recover. Just because you are an adult doesn't make the pain any worse. Add to this: have a fantastic child care provider. Ours actually offered to watch Hannabert overnight so Horn wouldn't need to bring him in the morning. Need childcare in my area of Ohio? I have a lovely family for you...

7. You don't win any awards for skimping on the painkillers. You really don't. In fact, people in pain heal less quickly.

PS. We call grandparents "gunkles."

Friday, August 09, 2013

7 Takes, 2013.22 - Music Love

Joining Jen and the lovely bloggers!
This is how we roll while singing...

1.  I like watching previews on Disney movies just to hear this song.

2.  Our wedding song

3.  Second choice wedding song

4.  Frequent request by Hannabert. He calls it "your song."

5. I downloaded this by Vitamin Quartet because, while impressed with the staying power of Canadian Rock Stars (and recent inductee), the falsetto is a bit much for me at time.

6.  I really felt that Summer 2012 was the Summer of Break-up songs that I would have loved had I dated in my teen years (yes, I realize that this song is older than 2012 but I first heard it last year).

7.  I just love this because it highlights the only words that I know in the best pop hits in 2012.

Friday, August 02, 2013

7 Takes, 2013.11

Joining Jen at Conversion Diary.

1.  We have been homeowners for over 1 month! Only the garage is clean.

2. Hannabert had his first haircut. I didn't even cry.


3. I have been trying to encourage Hannabert to be more active in the kitchen.  We made Horn cupcakes and last night we make scrambled eggs for ourselves.

4. We went to Homearama. While I liked the houses, I wasn't blown away by any of them.  I couldn't turn them down  but...

Second kitchen - which I felt was more workable than the main kitchen (House #1)

What I am guessing is a Nanny's room as all the kid rooms were located a floor away from the master (House #1)

I love double chairs

I love this style (which retails for about $600 so I don't know, about $550 outside of our price range)

This was "unique" wall stencils with crystals.

My favorite sink

5. Potty learning....taking a back seat for now until we rediscover cloth trainers and Hannabert feels more comfortable with using the toilet instead of just flushing it.

6. Hannabert still refuses to sleep in his room. Hysterical sobs refuses BUT he is doing better with NOT having us in bed with him all night (and, in fact, a few nights we/me have been able to just rock him to sleep).

7.  So after a pleasurable few months on a "normal schedule," I soon get to work Tuesday through Saturday. Can you hear my joy?