Friday, August 23, 2013

7 Quick Takes 2013.24

Linking up with Jen at Conversion Diary.

1. For the longest time, I kept reading conversAtion Diary rather than converSION Diary when looking at Ms. Fulwilfer's website name.  I am not exactly detailed oriented at times.

2. I head back to work on Monday after spending the last two weeks remarkably under productive post-tonsillectomy.

3.  Hannabert is still going to daycare even though I have been home because I am not suppose to be talking. This morning he tried to bribe me to stay home by promising to my bed.
Not actually from this morning but you can see how dramatically emotional him going to daycare, which he loves, can be.
4. Because I was off of work on Monday, one of the days that I usually work until 10pm, I was able to go with Horn and Hannabert to watch the Cincinnati Bengals practice at one of the local high schools. At the last minute, while dropping Hannabert off at daycare, I asked if the middle daughter (senior in high school) wanted to go with us. Apparently she was THRILLED because this is how they looked when I picked them up
They had crazy glasses as well. Hannabert is wearing C's shirts, creatively made smaller by use of safety pins

It was a blast to watch the pros practice and I hope that C liked being able to come with us.

5.  So....heard back from our previous landlord ('cause we are homeowner now so we don't have to worry about future landlords) and they have decided that they are NOT returning any portion of our security deposit and in fact, we actually OWE them some addition money.  Ummm...apparently they forgot that Horn and I are both attorneys and I have nothing else to do with my license but spend time fighting them on this.

6.  Current state of my tonsils
Why yes, I do have a bit of thrush on my tongue! Yippe Skippee!  FYI - raw apple cider vinegar makes thrush fizz.
7. Horn said he would be out of work early today and with Hannabert not around, it will be a great time about a budget.  Ugh.  Wish us luck!

PS. I named our new house Hannabert's Half Mile (we live in neighborhood that is named after famous races and horses)

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  1. That's so funny about how you read the blog title -- and totally something I would do.

    There used to be a popular blog called Toddled Dredge, and for YEARS I referred to it as Toddler Dredge. I even became friends with the author, and she never corrected me because she was too polite. LOL!

    Thanks for joining in!