Friday, August 30, 2013

7 Quick Takes 2013.25

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1. Still recovering from the tonsillectomy. My throat fees dry all. the. time. which isn't very comfortable.
Before Removal

Post-removal, 3 weeks of healing

2.  In the rush to get out of the door this morning, one husband forgot to clean the lint catcher on the washing machine hose which resulted in a flood of water into our utility room. It made me grateful that our laundry in in the basement and not one of those new fangled, second story utility rooms.

3. I chased a naked toddler through the house before going to work. Well, not naked. He was wearing an "I'm Awesome" Micky Mouse t-shirt. He was concerned that I was removing the shirt as I was trying to hike it up to put a diaper on him.

4. Hannabert and I went grocery shopping last night. After a "discussion" (which involved me slinging him over my arm while pushing one of those mini shopping carts) about the red leather sofa (yep, our grocery store carries pleather sofa). After one of his winter boots fell off (only about 95 out), he was amendable to push the mini cart.  HIS first stop? The wine section. He loudly said, "Do we need wine?" After getting what we needed, and as I was trying to direct him to the check-out, he said, "We forgot wine!" and went over to the box/shelves and proceeded to examine the bottles like he really knew what he likes in a nice white (although, as we were making trail mix, I think that a red would have been more appropriate).

5.  The grocery store is a great place to practice colors and directions. Get the bag of BLUE marshmallows. Look BELOW the shelf for the hot chocolate. Get the BIRTHDAY CAKE FLAVORED Oreos.

6.  Horn had a troubling day at court yesterday during a sentencing. He said the the defendant really didn't have an understanding of the serious nature of his charged offense. Luckily Horn's judge had the same feeling and continued the hearing until more discovery could take place as the the mental health of the defendant.

7.  I follow the Taboo Parenting Carnivals and I have to say the last one struck a chord with me. I recently found out that a high school classmate got married. When I told my mom, rather than saying about a 100 other things, she said, "Wasn't he kind of a jerk in high school?" For the record, not really. I wasn't a friend really but I got along with him just fine.  Irrespective of the inaccurate statement, I graduated from high school SIXTEEN years ago!  I told Horn that he was now charged with making sure I don't become negative and try to focus on the positive.


  1. #3: We're usually shirtless around here. :)

    #4: Too funny! It would be even better if it had happened at a Trader Joe's (FABULOUS wine section).

    #7: It's been 15 years for me.

  2. You are such a GOOD SPORT with those hilarious tonsil pictures! Happy healing!