Friday, September 13, 2013

7 Takes, 2013.2

Joining Jen at Conversion Diary

1.  My new shift started at work.  What? Didn't I just have a new shift? Why yes, yes I did.  For less than 10 weeks I was on a 10 to 630 M to F shift with trades on M to W for 2pm to 10pm due to teaching. We had a new shift bid and I am now 3p to Midnight T, 930a to 6p W to F, 11a to 7p Sat.  With teaching, I get exactly 1 day off a week.  Horn is really upset about Saturdays (good thing I can watch ND Football online) but the alternative was 12p to 830p and which him having to pick up Hannabert from daycare each night, that was approximately and additional 40 miles a day in driving so....

2. With the new shift change, out goes my chances of a Saturday afternoon Mass so we are back to the drawing board of finding a Sunday one....To be absolutely honest, Horn and I are having a hard time making attendance a priority.  We both feel like our week is better when we attend. I think that we keep letting little things get in the way (like the stomach thing we have had for the last 1.5 weeks). I find it frustrating but I don't know how to change it to the number one priority of the week.

3.  I had a cool kid in the backseat this morning....
about 10 seconds before he popped out one of he lenses

4.  In other priorities, we haven't made it a priority to go to the grocery store since we returned from camping. That most certainly needs to change but I figured I should have time to create a list and  a weekly menu on Saturdays at work...

5. This week was tough, I started my new schedule at the full-time job but still had to finish off the term at the school.  Luckily it went fairly smoothly.  I am concerned at how to motivate students to complete their work. That coupled with the pressure to make sure students don't drop out due to excessive absences, I am unsure how to progress. I provide a liberal homework policy, allow them to send them to me electronically, usually provide time in class to work on them...

6. Amber necklaces for teething.  In response to Grace's #3 - I too was suspect. All science seems to disagree with the benefits but we know own 6 so that we always can find one when the drooling and crankiness starts.  Plus, our son teethes for approximately 1 year before a tooth emerges. Only slightly exaggerating and amber necklaces were the only thing that made nights bearable.  As far as "he will choke because he has a necklace on," this is an American thing (like bland baby food and not co-sleeping). We actually included one in the gift for my sister's baby shower.


  1. #2: Try being the pastor's wife and having both fibromyalgia and a special needs child. Yeah, I feel like I do pretty well if I make it monthly...

    1. I can imagine that being a pastor's wife puts a lot of pressure on you. Especially with the way some members might feel the need to share opinions on such things...

  2. It's a challenge for me to meal plan a week ahead but I always do better when I do (really, we all do.its never fun when mom doesn't know what to cook for dinner and it's 4pm!)

    I love our sons amber necklace. Frankly, he looks so adorable in it, who cares if it works?? ;) but I do think it helps. I'm kinda thinking of getting one for myself for my headaches.

    Hope you can find a way to attend mass every week. Makes all the difference in the world! :)

    1. I keep thinking that I need to get one for myself as well. My son hast been saying that his hurts him lately...

  3. We purchased a teething necklace for our 7th. My husband thought it was and still probably thinks it is a bunch of bull, but for $15, I'm game. He did worry about the choking thing, until one night I fell asleep without taking it off and guess what, we both woke up the next morning. Once the baby is finished wearing it, I'm going to have my daughter make it into his first rosary.