Friday, September 06, 2013

7 Takes, 2013.25

With Jen at Conversion Diary!

1. We took Hannabert camping. It poured 3 out of 4 nights. Listen below

2.  We actually had a blast. Especially when we decided the best way to travel was putting him here:

and (when we let him into the car) muffling him like this

3. I loved not showering for about 4 days. We all enjoyed it. I told Horn it must mean we love each other because even after 4 days of 80+ degrees and hiking each day, I still didn't think he smelled.

4. We almost ran out of gas on the way to Catalooche (taking rural Hwy. 32 - 28 miles of dirt and minimal civilizations). Worth it to see this

5. We had a picnic at one of the historical buildings. Hannabert thought that the house was his and offered guided tours to a set of visitors from Arkansas. What amazed us was that hit was built around the same time as our old rental house....and in much much much better condition.

6.  We broke in a new tent on this trip. 14x9 - larger than some of the bedrooms we saw during our house search. It has two rooms and more than comfortably fit a queen size mattress and a twin mattress. We could STAND to get dressed!

7. Per tradition, our regular shot at NewFound Gap

Bonus picture
You can BARELY see this (thanks camera moisture a la #1) but Hannabert has 2 specs of dirt just above his toe knuckle. He thought it looked like a smiley face.

See enhanced


  1. I'm impressed that you took such a little one camping (and for 4 nights!!) I think I would have been worried that mine wouldn't stay put in the tent!

    1. That was a HUGE concern for my mother. We tend to sleep close to the door to preven any potential escapes.