Friday, September 20, 2013

7 Takes, 2013.27

Joining Jen at Conversion Diary.

1.  Last night started so well...Hannabert was in a fantastic mood and we blew bubbles with unspillable bubble bottles (purchased at KMart in the after summer sale - plus get $0.30 off per gallon at Speedway if I spend $50.00).  We then moved onto "riding" his bike (which lasted for 1.5 houses before he "can't do it."). The next activity was spraying chasing me around the yard while spraying me with a water bottle. When it was time to go it, he didn't make much of a fuss.  There was plenty of redirection of where it is appropriate to spray water inside of a house (sink, not floors).  After the water bottle "misfired" once too many times, he willingly gave it up and we started on supper.

2. Intrigued by Katrina's Five Favorites last week, I added the mac and cheese to our menu for the week (which I actually did MAKE everything on the menu but nothing was eaten except for the mac and cheese so everything else has been frozen) for last night (Thursday) because Horn teaches on Thursday nights and I have a love affair with mac and cheese and he doesn't appreciate my creative tendencies with it (no butter, add shredded cheese in addition to the powdered stuff). I completely ignored the instructions for the most part and it tasted great. We used shredded taco cheese, cooked the elbows with garlic salt, pepper, and some dry mustard, and added frozen veggies. Hannabert added the cheese so I am thinking about 3/4 of a larger bag of Aldi's Taco Shredded cheese.  Crazy good.  A break down on how it works:  The starch from the macaroni acts as flour would in a traditional bechamel sauce.  A bechamel sauce has equal parts flour to butter (makes a roux) and then you add milk product (depending on the recipe, anything from cream to skim) to loosen the sauce.

3. Hannabert thought that stirring the pot was a lot of fun and was a great help with throwing random things away for me (although he keeps forgetting that we moved the trashcan).  He also was excited to find spoons to use for us for dinner and requested that we used bowls.  He definitely watched as I dished out servings and made sure that I remembered to put some in my bowl.  Ever the eagle eye.

4. Because we still haven't unearthed the table and I didn't feel like eating ala fresco on our screened porch, we headed downstairs to the couch to watch Tanked! I am thinking Hannabert wasn't feeling so well as he didn't put in a request for anything else.  Soon, he was done eating and requested "baby on the chest" while we finished our episode.

5. Once the episode was done, he asked if we could snuggle upstairs and watch Gnomeo, which really made me think that he wasn't feeling so hot. I told we needed to change his pants (wearing a cloth trainer which was SOAKED as he didn't want to take it off) and since I needed to do laundry (multiple soaked cloth trainers and some mama cloth), we could just change and add everything to the washer.

Blanket 1 that was destroyed by the spilling of Hannabert's "beer" on Monday.  Formal tailgating for him by the way.
6. Unfortunately, I didn't notice that the hose from the washer wasn't as carefully placed in the tub to grain as it should have been.  Hannabert and I headed upstairs after starting a mega size load of trainer, diapers, and blankets (from our indoor tailgate) to snuggle and watch a movie before going to sleep. This never happens. He never wants to go to bed. Ever.

7. Upstairs, we decided the Nemo would be a better fit and Hannabert immediately snuggled into the bed. He even agreed to participate in bedtime prayers! Little did I know that as soon as Horn walked into the door, he would discover that the entire load of laundry had drained onto the floor and into the hallway. Unfortunately/Fortunately, the discovery was made prior to Hannabert actually falling asleep which meant that I couldn't jump into action to help.

So...Horn is presently picking out a water extraction group to make sure the basement is free from mold and water....


PS. Hannabert has a new Irish Colors!


  1. It was a 'mac' and cheese week for us too. Must be something in the air! Your recipe is much simpler than mine (which took two days to make, although that was due to the demanding toddler wanting attention) so I'll have to give it a try.

    1. loved the recipe - did require constant stirring...

  2. Our messes these days are pukesplosions from Daniel.