Friday, September 27, 2013

7 Takes, 2013.28

Joining Jen at Conversion Diary!

1. Hannabert had his first "playdate" last night. I met a co-worker and her family at Fort Liberty which is about the neatest wooden play structure that I have ever seen even if you can easily lose a child and with 3 adults, we still lost them occasionally.

2. I was running late due to a last minute research inquiry. Luckily our fabulous daycare providers decided to feed Hannabert a meal of spaghetti (which apparently he "helped" make) so that was a huge relief. They are fabulous people.

3. When I arrived at the playland, all of the kids playing all had swords. Apparently a dad brought a treasure chest of swords (and a few tasers) and a cooler full of ice cream.  What was pretty cool and all all the kids seemed to enjoy running around the structure and playing whatever game it is that they were playing. I am sure it was complicated. They let all the kids play even though Hannabert was about 1/3 of their age.

4. It was great to talk to another mom IRL who has works where I work but in an entirely different capacity and to get some professional career development ideas. As in what degree should I pursue and where.

5. Hannabert had an absolute blast playing with her sons! He didn't want to leave even though it was dark.  The next time we meet up, I think that I will bring some glow-n-the-dark stuff because that would have been pretty neat.  Speaking of that, I popped some glow sticks last night. I forgot to warn daycare that Hannabert might have some glow in the dark diapers today. 

6. Changing subjects, my mom is retiring from Head Start after 20 years of service. She was the transition coordinator, literacy coordinator, ran the resource library, and has had a host of other tasks assigned to her. Her job had to be split between 3 people now that she is retiring. 

7. Final, please keep my grandmother in your thoughts. She was hospitalized the other day (and apparently wasn't planning on telling anyone but a neighbor saw the ambulance in the driveway and called one of my aunts) for dizziness and just feeling "off." Horn and I are trying to figure out a way up there soon.

First tree climb...


  1. We have a playground like that near our home. It is called Piccadilly Castle, and the boys love it!
    I will add your grandmother to my prayer list.

  2. #6

    I volunteer with at-risk families. Do they try to involve parents more and work on parenting/home skills?

    1. In a way. My mom used to work for ECFE which is a Minnesota program that had a very strong parenting component. Head Start has less of a strong component when it comes to parenting/home skills but one of responsibilities of my mom was to do monthly parenting "skill" classes. I think it was a topic of the month that would be discussed. Head Start as a program is focused more on education/social components of children although my mom's program had family service workers/social workers that would assist parents in receiving necessary services.