Friday, October 04, 2013

7 QT 2013.29

Joining Jen et all at Conversion Diary! I am sure they will put in much more thought than I into their weekly rundown.

1.  Hannabert is becoming more independent. For instance, just yesterday he banned me from being in the same room as him while he was attempting a bowl movement. "Get out mama! Just go!" Independence isn't just for bathroom habits, he also uses a Rubbermaid stool to reach (or attempt to reach) items he wants. This would include various items from the fridge or freezer...

I am sure that this face will reappear in about 16 (hopefully 18.3 yrs) at college

3. Sleep has gone out the window this last week. I have narrowed it down to the possibly following potential reasons:
  • swollen lymph nodes causing head pressure
  • 2 yr molars that still have NOT erupted
  • ADD
  • Sleep disorder
  • allergies
  • too much to see/do as a 2yrs
  • wants to destroy our lives

4. Grandmother is good! She has a sinus infection which is causing some stability issues and will be in a convalescent home until the balance is stable.  I think that her daughters will be talking about making some living decisions as she is 93 and will be turning 94 in a few short weeks.

5. Mom's retirement went well! They feted her a few times and, despite her anxiety regarding the person taking over her job, she seems to be handling it well.  Plus, with the government shut down and possible defunding of Head Start, it was a great time to transition.

6. I have a job interview in a few weeks. It is with a law firm (elder care, estate planning, etc.). It would be a huge change from what I currently do but I think that I am up for the challenge and I would like to be in this area of law.  Prayers appreciate.

7. Pray More Novenas is a great way to find current novenas,  including a daily email reminder with the prayers included! Novenas are a great way to center your prayer life for a few days or few weeks.  Pope Francis will consecrate the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  The Fatima Statute will be present during the ceremony so a Novena or rosary in honor of Our Lady of Fatima is another idea for the next 9 days.  If you aren't a fan of Marian prayers, just pray. Pray for our country, pray for the world. Pray for your loved ones. Pray for those that are lonely or in need

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