Friday, October 25, 2013

7 QT, 2013.31

Joining Jen at Conversion Diary and Clan Donaldson!

1.  Horn and I attended a wedding in South Bend this last weekend.  It was absolutely lovely and we had a blast. I especially enjoyed drinking gimlet after gimlet on a child free weekend. The drink choice was entirely appropriate as the reception was held in the Studebaker Museum.

2. Before the wedding, Horn and I did some tailgating with Sportsbeard podcast crew and Drewrys Brewery. I started my day with lager and ended with gin.

3. We hit the stores on campus for apparel.  How did Notre Dame alumni member forget anything ND related? I do not know how he did it. He got "the shirt" and I found a jersey on clearance for the incredibly low, low, low price of $15.99.

4. Huge disappointment for our brief 3 hrs on campus - not making it to the Knights of Columbus steak sandwich booth.

5. Surprise of the weekend? Waking up early enough to made it to campus for Mass in the Basilica. The Asst. Dean of the School of Architecture was presiding. Horn was concerned when we ran into 4 co-presiders on our way in.  He made the comments that it looked like a grouchy rector had cleared the seminary for 8am services.

6. After hearing the homily, I completely understand how almost all other priests fall far far far short in the homily department. Wow. Outstanding and practical application.

He didn't care that it was 40 degrees outside, he just wanted to play in the sprinkler.

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