Monday, October 07, 2013

Toddler Sleep...or lack there of

I should have know something would be up in the middle of the night as Horn got Hannabert to sleep at the comfortable hour of before 10pm.  That sometime was a 5am wake-up of, "Mommy, I had a bad dream. I need snuggles." 

He climbed into our bed and promptly told me to leave. I tried to fool him be slowly edging down towards the bottom of the bed. It didn't work and he said, "I need a gumball." Which he didn't get because no one should chew gum at 5 am.  We gave up denying gumballs because he quickly realized that you only need money and when we hid our change drawer, he created "slugs" which resulted in me having to fix the gumball machine.

Slug, Penny, and gumball machine

He then requested we go to "the other room" as he calls the guest room where he sleeps because gosh forbid should he actually sleep in his room. Yes, we have considered "swapping" rooms but have decided that really won't change anything.

I suggested that we change his diaper first. Which, surprisingly, he thought was acceptable. He then requested I turn on the light. I put him down on the bed and, in toddler sad eyes, he requested "prayers." So we did bedtime prayers again.

After tossing and turning, he thought that sleeping in "dada's bed" would be better so with a "come on Mama!" we switched rooms again. At which point, just as he had fallen asleep, Horn's alarm rang...for the incorrect, earlier time. After one snooze and a reset of the alarm to which Hannaber said, "turn it off Dada! Too bright!" he told me we were going to change rooms.  I begged Horn to watch him so I could get 30 minutes asleep as Hannabert had been up since 5am. Horn had the nerve to tell me that Hananbert had been asleep until his alarm went off.

Upon switching rooms with a few "no Mama, my pillow! You put your head there!" he fell asleep...approximately 30 minutes before we had to leave.

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  1. I'm really impressed that he thought to create slugs to bypass the penny fare. I guess not much can stand between a kid and his candy!