Saturday, November 23, 2013

7 Takes, 2013.35 Grateful Edition

Linking up a day late at Conversion Diary!

1. Yesterday, a co-worker arranged for us to spend time fixing a meal at House of Bread. House of Bread serves 1 meal, 365 days a year. Five of us signed up to work. There were additional volunteers including  a group of elementary school children from a local PUBLIC school that volunteers each Friday.

2. From 9am until 1130am we prepared a meal (meat, pasta, bread, salad, vegetables, dessert, and fruit). It was extremely fast-paced. Chopping vegetables and fresh mozzarella for the salads; grinding coffee beans, prepping fruit salad, cooking chicken and meat....

3. We served from 1130 to 1pm. I was at the dessert station which closed at 1230pm and was immediately moved to a prep station for the next day's meal. I cubed bread that had been donated from my favorite grocery store in town.

4.I was really excited to learn that my second favorite grocery donated tons of vegetables, meat, and cheeses.

5. We served almost 300 guests in 1 1/2 hours, ate a meal together, and then spent the next hour or so cleaning up.

6. I was so grateful to be reminded how fortunate I am. I don't  worry about making it on time to get a meal ticket or have to worry that I might get a meal once a day. I am really looking forward to Hannabert being old enough to volunteer.

7. Please keep those that are in need during the upcoming Thanksgiving Dinner. Can you donate time, talent, or funds to a charitable organization providing meals to those in need?

Friday, November 15, 2013

7 Takes, 2013.34

Joining Jen with my updates!

1. I get to attend a CLE (Continuing Legal Education) course with the a location that is SIX minutes away from our house! I tried to have him be our graduation speaker but just when we were working out the details, our law school decided that they weren't going to pay for any speaker...our class through the best graduation party...ever.

2. I dropped Hannabert off at the gunkles last night and he was so enamored with trying to get them to watch Charlie Brown movies, he barely noticed I was leaving. Pro: Great he feels comfortable there; Con: WHY DOESN'T HE MISS ME!

3. Because I dropped Hannabert off last night, I purposely didn't eat supper (or lunch for that matter) so I could take advantage of my mother-in-law's cooking.  She didn't disappoint with her Mexican Crockpot Chicken. Her's looks a bit difference but it seems to be pretty much the same recipe. She used kidney beans and I know extra mild salsa.

4. We will be hosting Thanksgiving this year. We don't know how many people will be there. My sister, her husband, and 6mth old will be there. My brother and his wife are waiting for their call to pick up their daughter from China. My parents are tentative due to my mom's knee surgery. I did a Pinterest Board anyway. 

5. Hannabert funnies: "I'm trying to 'pologize mama!" 

M: Hannbert, we need to get going; I have to go to work.
H: Ok mama. Bye.
M: Are you planning to stay here by yourself today?
H: I stay here. You go to work.

H: I have a duck in my butt.

6. I taught Horn's ethics class last week. I took the task of morality, sexuality, and marriage. Abstinence is realistic is what I told them. When we were pregnant with Hannabert, we had to abstain.for.the.entire.pregnancy (probably not really but that is what our doctor said and I felt like a sexual deviant asking each week if it was ok) and then an additional 3 mths. Was it fun? Oh HECK no. Did we enjoy it? Not at all. Did we do it because it was the right thing to do? Yes. Did we do it because the perceived risk to our child was greater than our pleasure? Yep. Did we do it because the pain and dryness from breastfeeding felt like sandpaper? Yes. Are we happy we aren't now? Yes. 

What made it work was that we were committed to each other and knew our relationship was more than sex. The numbers are real, casual sex leaves women unsatisfied.  Look at the numbers but don't believe that it is a school's responsibility to teach the "how" of sex.

Friday, November 08, 2013

7 Takes, 2013.33

Linking up with Jen at Conversion Diary!

1. Sick. Our house has been sick all week. It started with Hannabert on Monday (pink eye and an "ear infection" and is currently hanging on with Horn.

2. We need to find a new pediatrician. I wasn't happy with the old one. I am trying to decide how to interview a new ped for a toddler. I really want to make sure that the ped is well informed, conservative treatment options, and aware of holistic/complimentary treatment options...

3. So, I have decided to take on a second part-time job. I feel financial burdens and they make me extremely extremely stressed. I had an offer that I decided to pursue and see how it fits in with our current schedule.  Cons: Less family time, less sleep; Pro: pay off debt. I guess the St. Jude Novena worked in an unexpected way...

4. Hannabert and I went to mass rather than Trick or Treating last Friday. He really wanted to "see Jesus" so we checked out the sister parish/pastoral region to the church that we have liked the best so far. The church was really strangely set up - flipped side to side rather than front to back. Hannabert did a great job considering it was a 7pm Mass with dinner in the car on the way over there. Dinner through fast food restaurants that took much, much too long to get.

5.  In reference to #3, Horn and I are still struggling with budgeting, especially when it comes to groceries. I know that menu planning is kind of key. I struggle with making time to go grocery shopping because of how my work schedule it. I guess that it will only get worse in the next few months...

6. Looking forward to the Christmas Season, I really want a compost tumbler...And family picture done because we haven't had any since Hannabert was born.

7.  In super exciting home ownership news, installed a new, programmable thermostat. I only incorrectly wired it once! Horn removed Hannabert from the premises while I was doing it. Now to dispose of the mercury..

Friday, November 01, 2013

7 Takes, 2013.32

Linking up at Conversion Diary!

1. So I was extremely put out that Trick or Treating was cancelled in my township last night. Horn had rescheduled his class to Friday night, I was getting out of work early and then boom! Storm of the century was predicted.

2. Not to fear, my co-worker/friend from law school arranged a trick or teat adventure on my floor for Hannabert.

Spooky Skeleton
3. My co-workers were great! The buck he is holding had to be replaced by a shopping bag.
If it was food, he grabbed it.
4. I found out on the rainy, windy drive home, that Hannabert doesn't really understand what candy is. He refused a Reese's PB Cup because he didn't understand that PB could be candy. He did share M&Ms with me though. By color. With warnings to NOT drop them.

5. He tried very hard to be polite and said "Trick or Treat!" "Thank you!" and "Happy Halloween" at each stop.  He did "scare" a few co-workers with a "boooooo!"

6. He has visited me at work in the past and knows that he has to be quiet so he whispered his greetings.  To everyone. Not shy at all. He even said "thank you peoples."

7. For me, the only downside was not having Horn with us.