Friday, November 01, 2013

7 Takes, 2013.32

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1. So I was extremely put out that Trick or Treating was cancelled in my township last night. Horn had rescheduled his class to Friday night, I was getting out of work early and then boom! Storm of the century was predicted.

2. Not to fear, my co-worker/friend from law school arranged a trick or teat adventure on my floor for Hannabert.

Spooky Skeleton
3. My co-workers were great! The buck he is holding had to be replaced by a shopping bag.
If it was food, he grabbed it.
4. I found out on the rainy, windy drive home, that Hannabert doesn't really understand what candy is. He refused a Reese's PB Cup because he didn't understand that PB could be candy. He did share M&Ms with me though. By color. With warnings to NOT drop them.

5. He tried very hard to be polite and said "Trick or Treat!" "Thank you!" and "Happy Halloween" at each stop.  He did "scare" a few co-workers with a "boooooo!"

6. He has visited me at work in the past and knows that he has to be quiet so he whispered his greetings.  To everyone. Not shy at all. He even said "thank you peoples."

7. For me, the only downside was not having Horn with us.

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