Friday, November 08, 2013

7 Takes, 2013.33

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1. Sick. Our house has been sick all week. It started with Hannabert on Monday (pink eye and an "ear infection" and is currently hanging on with Horn.

2. We need to find a new pediatrician. I wasn't happy with the old one. I am trying to decide how to interview a new ped for a toddler. I really want to make sure that the ped is well informed, conservative treatment options, and aware of holistic/complimentary treatment options...

3. So, I have decided to take on a second part-time job. I feel financial burdens and they make me extremely extremely stressed. I had an offer that I decided to pursue and see how it fits in with our current schedule.  Cons: Less family time, less sleep; Pro: pay off debt. I guess the St. Jude Novena worked in an unexpected way...

4. Hannabert and I went to mass rather than Trick or Treating last Friday. He really wanted to "see Jesus" so we checked out the sister parish/pastoral region to the church that we have liked the best so far. The church was really strangely set up - flipped side to side rather than front to back. Hannabert did a great job considering it was a 7pm Mass with dinner in the car on the way over there. Dinner through fast food restaurants that took much, much too long to get.

5.  In reference to #3, Horn and I are still struggling with budgeting, especially when it comes to groceries. I know that menu planning is kind of key. I struggle with making time to go grocery shopping because of how my work schedule it. I guess that it will only get worse in the next few months...

6. Looking forward to the Christmas Season, I really want a compost tumbler...And family picture done because we haven't had any since Hannabert was born.

7.  In super exciting home ownership news, installed a new, programmable thermostat. I only incorrectly wired it once! Horn removed Hannabert from the premises while I was doing it. Now to dispose of the mercury..

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  1. I don't know if it's an option where you live, but I get a lot of my groceries delivered. It helps with budgeting, because I get a pretty accurate total before checkout, and it helps when we're short on time to make the trip to the store (with two babies and no car it's a two person job to bring everything home on foot).