Friday, November 15, 2013

7 Takes, 2013.34

Joining Jen with my updates!

1. I get to attend a CLE (Continuing Legal Education) course with the a location that is SIX minutes away from our house! I tried to have him be our graduation speaker but just when we were working out the details, our law school decided that they weren't going to pay for any speaker...our class through the best graduation party...ever.

2. I dropped Hannabert off at the gunkles last night and he was so enamored with trying to get them to watch Charlie Brown movies, he barely noticed I was leaving. Pro: Great he feels comfortable there; Con: WHY DOESN'T HE MISS ME!

3. Because I dropped Hannabert off last night, I purposely didn't eat supper (or lunch for that matter) so I could take advantage of my mother-in-law's cooking.  She didn't disappoint with her Mexican Crockpot Chicken. Her's looks a bit difference but it seems to be pretty much the same recipe. She used kidney beans and I know extra mild salsa.

4. We will be hosting Thanksgiving this year. We don't know how many people will be there. My sister, her husband, and 6mth old will be there. My brother and his wife are waiting for their call to pick up their daughter from China. My parents are tentative due to my mom's knee surgery. I did a Pinterest Board anyway. 

5. Hannabert funnies: "I'm trying to 'pologize mama!" 

M: Hannbert, we need to get going; I have to go to work.
H: Ok mama. Bye.
M: Are you planning to stay here by yourself today?
H: I stay here. You go to work.

H: I have a duck in my butt.

6. I taught Horn's ethics class last week. I took the task of morality, sexuality, and marriage. Abstinence is realistic is what I told them. When we were pregnant with Hannabert, we had to abstain.for.the.entire.pregnancy (probably not really but that is what our doctor said and I felt like a sexual deviant asking each week if it was ok) and then an additional 3 mths. Was it fun? Oh HECK no. Did we enjoy it? Not at all. Did we do it because it was the right thing to do? Yes. Did we do it because the perceived risk to our child was greater than our pleasure? Yep. Did we do it because the pain and dryness from breastfeeding felt like sandpaper? Yes. Are we happy we aren't now? Yes. 

What made it work was that we were committed to each other and knew our relationship was more than sex. The numbers are real, casual sex leaves women unsatisfied.  Look at the numbers but don't believe that it is a school's responsibility to teach the "how" of sex.


  1. I know what you mean with the dual response to a kid who is happily playing within seconds of a drop off. Ours barely even say goodbye without prompting!! :)

  2. there are so many awesome links in this post, thank you!