Saturday, November 23, 2013

7 Takes, 2013.35 Grateful Edition

Linking up a day late at Conversion Diary!

1. Yesterday, a co-worker arranged for us to spend time fixing a meal at House of Bread. House of Bread serves 1 meal, 365 days a year. Five of us signed up to work. There were additional volunteers including  a group of elementary school children from a local PUBLIC school that volunteers each Friday.

2. From 9am until 1130am we prepared a meal (meat, pasta, bread, salad, vegetables, dessert, and fruit). It was extremely fast-paced. Chopping vegetables and fresh mozzarella for the salads; grinding coffee beans, prepping fruit salad, cooking chicken and meat....

3. We served from 1130 to 1pm. I was at the dessert station which closed at 1230pm and was immediately moved to a prep station for the next day's meal. I cubed bread that had been donated from my favorite grocery store in town.

4.I was really excited to learn that my second favorite grocery donated tons of vegetables, meat, and cheeses.

5. We served almost 300 guests in 1 1/2 hours, ate a meal together, and then spent the next hour or so cleaning up.

6. I was so grateful to be reminded how fortunate I am. I don't  worry about making it on time to get a meal ticket or have to worry that I might get a meal once a day. I am really looking forward to Hannabert being old enough to volunteer.

7. Please keep those that are in need during the upcoming Thanksgiving Dinner. Can you donate time, talent, or funds to a charitable organization providing meals to those in need?

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