Friday, December 06, 2013

7 Takes, 2013.35

I have been off the radar but joining back with Jen at Conversion Diary

1.  I have a new part-time job. By February, I will have 3 part-time jobs. When new employment was my prayer for Immaculate Heart Novena, this wasn't what I was expecting...but I am thankful for the new opportunities this position presents.

2. We hosted Thanksgiving dinner for my sister, her husband (aka Adored Uncle of Hannabert), Emma (aka "Baby Emma", my niece), and Horn's parents and sister. My mom is still recovering from her knee surgery so my parents didn't travel and my brother and his wife were waiting for a call from their adoption agency.

3. Which they received! They thought that they would be traveling to China in the new year but it looks like they will have a daughter for Christmas! Their adoption process has been amazing! We are so excited for them and can't wait to meet their daughter! She is partially named after me which is hugely awesome. My SIL and brother had picked out a different name but my SIL kept feeling doubts. Someone in her bible group approached her and said that she was feeling like the name should be after a flower...turns out they were having the same calling for a name! God is amazing. Like you didn't know that already...

4. Hannabert became the family photographer at Thanksgiving Dinner (he wasn't feeling eating anything).
Gee, doesn't my husband look like his father?

5. I spatchcocked the turkey and it took LESS than 2 hrs to cook a fresh, 17lb turkey. Seriously awesome. You do need a good pair of kitchen shears to make it work though. I have Zyliss Kitchen Shears which completely come apart so I could run them through the dishwasher after being all Mortal Kombat on the turkey back.
Top shelf: sweet potato casserole, middle: turkey, bottom: roasted brussel sprouts
Carved up turkey

6. We did family pictures! Of course I scheduled it at worst time every since it was the only day during the week that Horn and I were both home to clean the house (we still haven't finished moving in even though we actually moved in July...). I found an incredibly reasonably priced photographer ($40 AND I got all the pictures on a CD!) and the shoot went pretty well despite the cool temperatures and the statement by the toddler, "You are done. Not more pictures." It is hard to have the paparazzi chase after you all the time I guess...

7. Cheers, blessings, and well wishes for you and yours this Advent Season! If you make donations during this time of year, make sure the charity you select is using the money wisely. Guidestar, Charity Navigator, and Great Non Profits are all places to check. All recognized charities should be happy to share their Form 990 (the form that lists their financials, operating expenses, salaries, board appreciations, etc). Seize the Day (Sirius/XM Catholic Channel) is featuring a number of charities this Advent Season, maybe that will lead you in the right direction. If you aren't concerned about the deductible aspect of a donation, just donate to someone (or anyone). Is there a family who is on hard time who could use a something special in the mail like a gift certificate to the grocery store or a special treat of pizza? Maybe you write a letter to a sister, brother, priest, or seminarian or a solider or simply pray for those that serve others. We all have experienced blessings in our life, lets share them with others.


  1. Mazel tov on the call from the adoption agency! I hope the rest of the process will go smoothly for them as well!

    The "butterfly" turkey looks a bit frightening. That's what I get for watching too many crime shows...

    1. I felt like I was a mass murderer when i did it...also watch too many crime stories. We do too! They travel in a week so...