Saturday, December 21, 2013

7 Takes - Nearly Christmas! 2013-37

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1. I am in a reporting year for my continuing legal credits (CLE). I am taking them online and multi-tasking. My screen saver keeps popping up with this:
approximately 2 hrs before we found out he had mono...1 wk before we found out he shared it with me.

2.  I am overly enjoying the course on FERPA and Public Records (aka Access to Students and Records: Custody, Divorce, Abuse and Neglect). This presentation didn't really talk too much about divorce and single parenting but really focused on rights of students and the public to request information. Very interesting. SIDE NOTE: I especially like the fact that the presenter just offered to let all the people who are watching the presentation to come to his new office to watch Red, White, and Boom.

3.  Yesterday was National College's annual Christmas Party for Faculty and Staff. I had numerous requests to bring Hannabert..and Horn (not teaching this term) but really Hannabert. Horn and I have been teaching at National since 2005. They saw us get engaged, married, and were with us when we had Hannabert. Students actually called us at the hospital to 1) see if there was still a final and 2) how we were doing. Hannabert adores the current campus director. It stresses me to think that at some point in time, my time there with my students might be limited.
Post-party exhaustion
4.  Nope, not done with Christmas shopping. Just realized that last night as Horn and I were congratulating ourselves on being done. I am thinking about doing flavored salts for my SIL and MIL. In the past, they have gotten me the sugar sampler and the salt sampler from The Colonel.

5. We have rain and flood warnings today. I much prefer the snow of last weekend. Hannabert picked out his own clothes for Mass. They consisted of "spooky pants" and I believe a polo shirt. I wasn't going to fight over skeleton pants.
Not really snowing but he was so very excited to play in the snow after Mass
6.  My brother and SIL are currently in China meeting their daughter. We haven't heard anything since they left and it has made me anxious. I am really excited for them and can't wait to meet their daughter. She is only 1 month younger than Hannabert so she will have a birthday soon!

7.  We tried out a new church. Their most recent fundraisers involved selling Christmas cards with the image of their Nativity window. Sold out. 
This is the reason.

They did a video of the windows!

Merry Christmas. 

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