Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Gift-Giving Link-up

Linking with Why, yes I AM crazy! for her first every link up (and what the heck, some of my links will be affiliate links but some of them won't)!

I actually really stress about Christmas giving. It was with somewhat of a relief that my family stopped doing gifts a few years ago. My husband's family is HUGE into gift giving. My first Christmas (wasn't until after we were married despite the fact that we dated for about 6 years prior to marriage. My refusal to attend his families parties or stay in the area for Christmas was what turned the tides into an engagement) was really stressful for me as I wasn't sure what was expected...yadda yadda yadda.

I shop around. Lots and early. I try for unique items. Not gift cards unless they are specific restaurants.

So, my list includes for those that are near and with whom we will be exchanging gifts:

Less Unique gifts

Like I mentioned before, my family doesn't do gifts. This makes my husband upset so we send gifts anyway. The gifts need to be mailed so I am (lazy) a multi-tasker and look for a company than can ship for me.

  • Harry and David fruit baskets are our "go to" with my grandmother and parents. Their pears are truly exceptional (and very large). When my siblings and I were small, we used to get a pear or orange in our stockings so for me, this is an edible memory of Christmas. There are a number of similar companies:
  • Pay a bill anonymously (for an elderly relative) might be an idea 
  • I have sent flowers in the past, but I have been disappointed with the end results on occasion so I no longer do that.
  • Calendars. I like doing a year in review of our son and then send them to his grandparents/great grandparents. I have ordered from Shutterfly and Snapfish in the past. A few others are:
    • VistaPrint - fair warning that they try to get you to sign up for things on a monthly subscription
    • Minted
  • Donate to a charity (be advised that donations through Go Fund Me has a fairly large fee). My post last week had suggestions to make sure the charity is using the money in charitable endeavors and not wastefully. 

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