Saturday, December 21, 2013

"Most" Posts of 2013 - linky

Joined with Amongst Lovely Things for her year end wrap up.

I was going to wait to the very end of the year but then thought, probably won't have much changes between now and then. 

1.Post with the most clicks

Safety without baby proofing was my top viewed post. I wrote it as part of the Carnival of Natural Parenting. It garnered 315 views.

2. Post with the most comments

It also  has the most comments (17).

3. Post with the best picture

7 Takes, 2013.32 

This picture of Hannabert makes me melt:

4. Post that was hardest to write
Commitment to each other - Week 2 (17) of Purposeful Blogging

5. Post that was your personal favorite

Guest Posting! Mommy's Milk : A Breastfeeding Series I was so excited to be a featured guest writer AND this post got mentioned on other blogs/facebook pages!

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