Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Growing into Parenthood

We are officially 6 for 6 for Christmas illnesses, Hannabert starting out with what was probably an ear infection and resulting in projectile vomiting a mere 2 blocks from Midnight Mass.

It was at the moment that I was testing the water and stripping him off for a much needed shower that he is growing up. He knows his opinions and isn't afraid to share them. I am OK with this, though it takes others a bit back. He is is own harshest critic and that makes me sad.

I knew when we had him that at some point he would realize that he isn't always the center of attention and that he would need to learn how to make and keep friends. He would get in trouble for things that don't matter to his father or me but are important to others.

He has to navigate our rules, grandparents rules, daycare/school rules, and rules of the other adults in his life. While unlike to think our rules are the most important ones, I know that sometimes they take a back seat toore finicky adults in our lives and it is tough in him and us.

I am constantly conflicted: Do I wrap him up and protect him from disappointments or let him get in trouble with others?

So far, the worst part of being a parent is knowing I can't protect him from the disappointments of life which of course means it is the most important part of being a parent.