A boy, a girl, and a laptop case

I decided to attend law school in 2001.  I was already an expert at arguing and phrasing things just so and heck, "you can do anything with a law degree."  

I was accepted into law school in Ohio and moved to campus in August 2002 (never having visited the law school or having even been to the state). The undergraduate college has a fantastic Marianist campus presence and many of the undergraduate live in "community" (living in houses rather than in dorms or off-campus). I lived in the one graduate house which was made up of 4 efficiency apartments.  The first person I met became my sister-in-law 2 years later.

I arrived early to campus to take part in a special academic program, as did 20 or so other students. So, on the first day of class, I knew about 10% of the entire incoming class.  Horn is convinced that he tried to speak to me on the very first day of class but I completely blew him off. I don't believe him.

By process of "eine, meanie, minie, mo" we were assigned to the same section. Due to need for order by our property professor, we sat 2 people apart for an entire semester. By pure chance, we sat near each other in each class.

My only memories of him would be that I felt he came to class late (he staffed the campus radio in the hour(s) immediately before class and it was located across campus and our class was immediately after lunch) and would hit me in the head with his laptop bag as he squeezed by.  He also shaved his head and had blue eyes so I thought perhaps he might be a skinhead (he isn't).

His memories of me were that I blew him off on the first day and that I was forever early for our classes, thus requiring him to squeeze by me and that he never hit me in the head with his laptop bag.

During our second semester, I amused myself in Civil Procedure by watching him play arcade games on his laptop and reading his instant messages. 

At the very beginning of our second semester, a notice went up concerning Study Abroad. It was a pilot program held in conjunction with the undergraduate program whereby I could take 2 law classes in England for a crazy reasonable price (including room and partial board). I decided that I needed to fulfill my desire to travel so I immediately signed up for the program.  The only other person who also signed up with Horn.  By coincidence my other roommate (no the sister-in-law) also decided to sign up for the program.

So, my first REAL meeting of Horn was during our initial orientation in February 2003. Most of the other students were freshman. Horn, J (the housemate), J2 (jr or sr), and I were clearly the most "mature" and the four of us determined that we would probably be doing a lot together during the trip. 

Over the next few weeks, we started talking a bit more both IRL and online. The first time I invited him anywhere was on Tax Day for Chiptole's Burrito Day. My housemates made some killer margaritas that day.

Our first official date was about 9 days later (although Horn likes to say our first day was 6 weeks in Europe) and we have been together pretty much since that date.

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  1. That's such a great story - thanks so much for sharing :)